3 Questions!!! (2/19/04)

Hi all, here are today’s 3 Questions…

  1. What are 3 awards that were in exsistance in 1998 that are no longer around?

  2. What orange flavored soft drink is made by the same company who manufactured FIRST water?

  3. What and when was the first scholarship award created in FIRST?

  1. Feather weight in the finals, best offensive round, outstanding defense
  2. Slice?
  3. 1996 - WPI design scholarship
  1. Featherweight in the Finals Award, Best Play of the Competition Award & Outstanding Defense Award
  2. Shasta
  3. 1997

1.) Featherweight in the finals, Best offensive, Best Defensive

2.) Fanta (Orange)

3.) 1996

  1. Most Photogenic (Replaced by the imagery award), Best Play of the Competition, Featherweigh in the Finals, Outstanding Defense, Best Offensive Round

  2. Faygo and Shasta are both made by the National Beverage Corp. and both have orange flavored drinks.

  3. 1997 - WPI Design Scholarship and The Daniel Webster College Scholarship

  1. Best Play of the Competition Award, Most Photogenic, Featherweight in the Finals
  2. Shasta?
  3. WPI Design Innovation Scholarship, awarded after the 1996 competition
  1. Featherweight in the finals, best offensive round, best defensive round, photogenic award.

  2. Faygo and Shasta have orange soft drinks.

  3. no idea.

  1. First seed, featherweight in the finals, best defensive round

  2. orange slice

  3. WPI in 99

  1. Most Photogenic, Best Defensive. and Featherweight in finals
  2. Shasta
  3. Websters’ 1996 scholarship

Today’s Answers…

  1. Best Offensive Round, Best Defensive Round, Play of the Day, Sharpshooter, Featherweight in the Finals, Photogenic…lets just say everyone got it right, because they did!

  2. Shasta and Faygo

  3. WPI Scholarship Award in 1996

Today’s winner was Dave Flowerday…good job!

Only 1 day left! Break that top 10, win a prize!