3 Questions!!! (2/4/04)

Hi all, here are today’s 3 Questions…

  1. What is the name of the athletic company who’s logo was found on all shirts that the drive teams had to wear in 1992?

  2. Who were two teams who used rollers/conveyors to pick up floppies in 1999?

  3. Aside from Navel Undersea Warfare Center, what team also featured a tipping device on their robot in 1997?

Good Luck!

  1. Russell Athletics
  2. 126 & 38
  3. Current team 69, Nynex & Quincy
  1. Russell
  2. 126 & 71
  3. I’m drawing a blank on this one
  1. Russell

  2. 126 (My team was amazed at how quickly they could pick up floppies. We would have had a perfect score if one of our drive motors hadn’t died in our match at nationals with them). 71

  3. NASA Headquarters & South Lakes

  1. Russel.

  2. 71 and 48

  3. There was a Honeywell team at the Midwest regional with a tipping device, but I don’t think they used it (they showed us how it worked in their pits).

  1. Russell Athletics
  2. 71 and 126
  3. No clue. We were a victim of 121 in the match that would have gotten us in the playoffs.
  1. Russell athletics

  2. 71, 126

  3. NASA Headquarters/Kiss Institute for Practical Robotics/MRJ, Inc. & South Lakes High School (That year they were team #88).

Today’s Answers…

  1. Russel Athletic

  2. Teams 126, 38, and 71

  3. current team 69, Gillette and Quincy (Nynex and Quincy at the time) was the only team I knew of. But if you are truely positive South Lakes did it, let me know and I may give ya credit.

Today’s winner is Colleen! Good job!

Nasa HQ had a little forklift type thing on the side of their robot which said “place robot here”. Don’t know if they ever used it, but they did have a tipping device.