3 Questions!!! (2/6/04)

Hi all, here are today’s 3 Questions…

  1. What team was the number 1 seed at the 1998 national competition?

  2. At what competition were rotating lights first found on robots to represent colors? (Hint: Think “outside” the box)

  3. What preseason competition is held every year in CT the weekend before ship date?

1 Point to Tom Schindler for the use of his question!

Good Luck!

  1. 121 (I want to say 45, but I dont *think we were first seed)
  2. ChiefDelphi Invitational
  3. The one held by Team 69.
  1. Baxter Bomb Squad.

  2. The first year for rotating lights was 2000.

  3. I can’t remember.

  1. 177

  2. Going with Clark, since you did say to think outside the box, CDI

  3. UTC Scrimmage

  1. 177
  2. Rumble
  3. The Aces-High Scrimage. “The UTC Scrimage” The “Windsor-Locks Scrimage”
  1. Team 45

  2. ChiefDelphi Invit.

  3. The UTC scrimage

[quote=Clark Gilbert]1. 121 (I want to say 45, but I dont *think we were first seed)

We were 53rd seed, and ended up winning it from the losers bracket.

Andy B.[/quote]

I just wanted to waaaayyyy out of the box on the light question.

I believe our team was the first team to use lights (they didn’t rotate, though) in a competition to identify alliance color. Our robot in 1999 (the first year of alliances) had a grid of LEDs that changed from blue to red by the flip of a switch.

#1 i’m guessing 16
#2 Rumble at the Rock
#3 UTC scrimmage
by the way you and Sam did a great job announcing there last year

2. CDI
3. UTC scrim

  1. umm… 111?
  2. no idea
  3. UTC Scrimmage
  1. Team 177
  2. Cheif Delphi Invitational
  3. UTC scrimmage

Today’s answers…

  1. Team 177, UTC / International Fuel Cells, South Windsor HS

  2. Chief Delphi Invitational

  3. UTC Scrimmage

Today’s winner is Joe Ross!

Standings to be posted this weekend