3 Rule Clafarication

Hello, I am part of team 3197 in Wisconsin. I have three scenarios that I need clarified, if someone would help me with them.\


Robot A crosses a defense in AUTO earning the Alliance 10 points. Can Robot A back up to the same defense and reach it from the opposite side and qualify as “reaching” the defense? Can it back up to a different defense and qualify as reaching?


Robot A successfully gets a boulder across a defense. Robot A drops the boulder into the courtyard. Can Robot A pick the dropped ball back up from the courtyard? Can other robots pick it up from the courtyard?


If Robot A misses a goal shot in AUTO, can Robot A pick that boulder back up from the courtyard and try for another shot once TELETOP commences?

Thank you for your time, and I hope you all have a great robotics year!

Scenario 1 is legal if you drop the boulder on the other side(in the opponent’s courtyard) and you can’t do double damage to a defense in auto.

Scenario 2: other robots can pick up and use the ball, as long as they aren’t holding one already.

scenario 3: yes, the robot can pick up the missed shot. Otherwise, if robots missed all shots, there’d be a bunch of boulders on the field that nobody can use…

Hope this helps!

Actually, Scenario 1 is legal, period. You don’t even need to drop the boulder you’re carrying if you’ve got one.

Thanks for the help!

Could you elaborate a little bit more on Scenario 1? I don’t think you explained it well enough for me to understand it.

So, what you’re saying is, reaching the opposite side of a defense (from the courtyard) gets the Alliance the two points in AUTO?

Thanks for the help!

Team update 1 clarified that during autonomous, you get crossing or reaching points, but not both.

Scenario 1: Section 3.13 of the rule book states

“Once a ROBOT CROSSES a DEFENSE in AUTO, any additional DEFENSES that ROBOT REACHES or CROSSES during the AUTO period will not decrease DEFENSE STRENGTH nor contribute points to the ALLIANCE”
I interpret this as saying once you cross a defense you cannot obtain auto points for reaching or crossing another defense.

Scenario 2: Yes others can pick up the ball as long as they are not holding another ball.

Scenario 3: Yes after the missed shot the ball is fair game for both alliances in teleop

Edit: looks like others beat me to the punch but looking at the specific section of the rules is always helpful :slight_smile:

Thank you! I wasn’t looking in the right section. Thanks for the clarafication!

It doesn’t–see the posters in between. I was referring to the statement about needing to drop any boulders, which is not part of getting auto points.

No Manual page 31

Once a ROBOT CROSSES a DEFENSE in AUTO, any additional REACHES or CROSSES by
that ROBOT during the AUTO period will not decrease DEFENSE STRENGTH nor contribute points to the

Yes to both

Yes so can Robot B, or C