3 State Shuffleboard Widget

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We are looking at a few ways to display robot information on shuffleboard. I am looking for a 3 state box that can register if a cargo is present and if so, what color it is. black (no ball), red, blue. The boolean box only has 2 states, so we can’t use it for this scenario. Is there a non-custom widget that we can use that is capable of showing 3 states? I’m trying to avoid custom widgets as that is a rabbit hole that we don’t have time or people to dedicate to.

A pipe dream widget would be one that is a side view of a simplified version of the robot showing what color cargo is in what position in the robot, but that seems to extend past the wanting a non-custom widget.


I know there is a way to build sendable choosers that take strings, enums and numbers. I’ll take a look tomorrow!

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Is the color not configurable in the booleanbox? I feel like I’ve done this before…

It is, but we are looking at a 3 state box, black for no cargo, red for red cargo, blue for blue cargo. The boolean box only allows for 2 colors. I’d like them to update every time they change state and not just when we have 2 new cargo.

So… change the color each time?

I think there’s a misunderstanding here. I was saying I thought the color was configurable by a value in networktables, at which point you don’t change the state of the booleanbox, you simply change the color value.

Now, my assumption may be incorrect, but I swear there was some discussions about this exact thing in 2020 for the wheel-of-fortune/spinner/whateverItWasCalled thing.

If setting the color isn’t possible, perhaps showing/hiding a widget is. So you could just have 3 widgets stacked and show/hide them depending on state.


Ugh sorry I checked our code, the sendable choosers is a set method, not a get method :frowning:

I got nothing.

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