3 way toggle switch programming

i need to know what the 3 way toggle switch sends to the operator interface thru ports 2 and 4. Can anybody help me?

thank you

It really depends on how you wired it into the OI. Each wire that goes back to a digital input will be represented by a different variable in the program. If you could post more details on your specific setup, I could give you a few more details.

We are using a 3-way toggle switch to control a speed controller (window motor). We would have used relays, but we ran out. We just want foward, reverse, and off. I’ll check how it is wired to he joystick port. Thanks for the help.

a 3 way toggle is just like having 2 switches in 1, except they both can’t be on at once. Wire it up with common in the middle, and a live wire on each end, look at the OI controller, and follow the pin out guide. Up will be on 1 of the OI inputs, and down will be another…