30% Discount on TETRIX Parts for FRC Teams


Use the promo code FRCT3340.

A flyer is included inside the FTC Mini Kit box from FIRST Choice that indicates the discount and the website above.

Thanks to Ken Streeter for contacting LEGO Education to learn about the promo code.

This is great! I wish they sold these tetrix items in our local Lego Store though.

Does the 30% discount apply to the Mindstorms kits? I’m assuming it doesn’t… but I wont complain if it does:D


I don’t believe so. Only the Tetrix parts displayed via the link.

Thanks much

What is the trick to get the promo code to work?

What have you tried to do to apply the code so far?

Add parts to your cart. View your cart. Look for the Promo Code dialog box below your cart contents. Copy/Paste the promo code, then click the Use Code button.

I just did this - it worked fine for me.

Thanks for mentioning it here!

Trying to Help!

The promo code does not seem to be working anymore.

Is there another way to get a promo code activated for FRC teams ?

Once again, it just worked for me (at least it applied the discount to my cart after I added something to it).

  1. Make sure you access the site via http://www.legoeducation.us/frc.
  2. Add stuff to your cart.
  3. View said cart.
  4. Enter promo code FRCT3340 in appropriate box. Make sure you’re typing in the promo code correctly, or better yet, copy/paste.
  5. Click Use Code button.
    *]Verify that discount is applied in the Order Total window.