30 Pound Witholding Allowance

I had a question about the witholding allowance:

Are motors/wheels/shafts counted as part of the 30 pounds? Like if our shooter is under 30 pounds, would we count the wheels, motors, and shafts on it? Also, if we wanted to add 2 CIMs to our drivetrain, would the weight of those and the Jaguars count to the 30 pounds?


You are allowed 30 pounds of fabricated material. This means non-COTS parts such as unaltered motors do not count. An example of an unaltered motor would be a CIM motor fresh out of the box - no gears pressed onto it, the original wiring is completely unchanged and nothing new added on to it. Like if you were to hold up your motor to a brand new unopened one, they’d look the same.

It’s all in the details :slight_smile:

Teams may bring a maximum of 30 lbs of FABRICATED ITEMS to each event to be used to repair and/or upgrade their ROBOT.

For Teams attending 2-Day Events, these FABRICATED ITEMS may be used during the Robot Access Period and/or brought to the Event, but the total weight may not exceed 30 lbs. FABRICATED ITEMS constructed during the Robot Access Period and bagged with the ROBOT are exempt from this limit.

The OPERATOR CONSOLE, BUMPERS, and any ROBOT battery assemblies (as described in R05-A) are exempt from this limit.

CIMs are not fabricated items - they are COTS.


Your shooter and anything attached to it ARE a FABRICATED ITEM however. Doesn’t matter if the only thing you did to the wheels was attach them to a shaft. It’s part of the assembly and counts against your 30 lbs unless you remove the wheel and return it to its original condition.