300 point cube 3d printer?

It seems this one isn’t very popular. We are finding ourselves with a lot of points and not much left to choose from because we missed the second first choice. Is this one worth spending 300 points on or should we just not bother? We probably won’t use it this year. I don’t have any idea how we would. But I’m not sure what else to get from what’s left with my 450 points.

Well it can print out I think a 5x5x5 cube is it’s maximum size of a object it can print out. We won the Cube 3D printer. It is a plug in play printer meaning you can pretty much use it as soon as you plug into it. No assembly required really except registering the product with CUBE. You could use it for your robot or if you guys want to create something unique instead of shirt button to give out at competitions it would be perfect.

The main problem with the cube printer is that it requires a proprietary filament cartridge that is significantly more expensive than normal. You can bypass it with something like http://www.makergeeks.com/cu3dprfiad.html so that you can use cheaper filament, but that is spotty as far as I understand. If there is nothing else your team wants out of FIRST choice, then go fr it, but consider what your getting yourself into.

It’s not necessarily that this one is less popular than the other 2 printers (though that may be the case). There were 347 of these printers available and only 49 MakerBots and 49 replicators.

FIRST also reduced the credit cost of the printers late last weeks so not all teams may have even been aware that it’s 300 pts rather than the original 600.

We ran into the same issue of not having more than 150 pts worth of stuff we wanted, so we ended up getting the Cube, as the others were already sold out.

Ditto. We are a 2 school district, and the ‘other’ school already has a 3D printer, but faced with 450 credits and not much we really needed, the Cube was the way to go.

Yes, the filament is relatively costly. The school is unlikely to go for the hack. So, they’ll buy 6 cartridges a year, and be happy, because the 3D printing class can be expanded to the seocnd school earlier than planned.

The Cube is definitely the most plug-n-play of those offered. Good for a school…

We got our cube and did a test print. It worked out of the box and fairly useful if we need to a test design quickly.

Here is a picture of a modified VEX 60 tooth gear we printed this week.

did you use Cubify Sculpt
for design or some other programs

You mean 49 replicators and 49 M2s?

Aside from the irrelevant thread necromancy, yes, I meant the MakerGear M2. You can check the first choice beta site for the time being to see what the options were. http://firstchoicebyandymark.com/3d-printing?orderby=11

This store is currently closed

If there’s nothing else you want from first choice, why not? But I’d only recommend getting it if there is nothing else that you want to fill the 300 points.

We ended up getting two through first choice last year (first one was broken so Cubify sent us a replacement, before we fixed the first). It worked decently however once we got a grant to buy a Makerbot Replicator 2, both cubes ended up in the back of a storage cabinet.

We got one and it is OK. It is not the greatest, but for what we used it for so far, it works fine. (keychains for our giveaway)