3005 RoboChargers 2023: AMP

Elegant machine, best of luck at your events this season

That is freakin’ cool.

i really appreciate the video highlights yalls killer intake makes it really easy to see whats going on.

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In a way. There’s a chain bolted to the 1x1 moving stage and a sprocket that rolls the chain back and forth like a rack and pinion.

How much compression do you guys run on the innermost part of the intake (for cones)?

What is that strut on the arm, is it a gas strut or a damper?

if a gas strut is it pulling or pushing

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It’s a gas spring from McMaster (push style). It has some damping capabilities but it’s mostly just a spring.

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Hello everyone! 3005 is pleased to announce that we have made our CAD public for all to see. As the lead CAD student and the driver for 3005, I am proud to let everyone quench their curiosity!
Please click here, then scroll down to view 3005 2023 robot CAD
If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!


I don’t think the document was made public. Could you double check that it was actually released? When i click on the link it just brings me to the documents page, and saying that I do not have access to that document.

Love this robot. Thanks for releasing the CAD!

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Idk how i missed this reveal but this robot is absolutely beautiful

What light bars are those?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it should be fixed now, please enjoy! Thanks for loving our robot theres a non zero chance it loves you too


Link is fixed! Thanks for catching that and letting us know. :slight_smile:

They are sanded polycarbonate tubes with 3D printed endcaps and addressable LEDs taped inside. First time trying this method but we were inspired by Spectrum’s sanded polycarb as a diffuser.


Love looking through this CAD! Y’all did some crazy cool stuff this year, can’t wait to see the bot in person next week.