3013 - Game hint?


Typo or game hint…

Obvious game hint.

With global warming (truth aside), the ice caps are melting. by 3013, the entire earth will be covered in water.

Water game.

Interesting that the link on the FIRST Choice blurb is for the KOP…

Yeah, I’ve been looking for a real link to window shopping all morning. It appears not to exist.


1:47 and the window is still closed. :’(

  • Sunny G.

Window shopping is now open. Point values appear more sane at first glance.

Team 3013 = Zombots = Zombie Apocalypse game

Also the 3-port extension cable is 0 FIRST Credits

Free Energy!

I’ve been noticing lots of 3s everywhere …

Since this stuff has all been linked to blogs involving FIRST Choice(ie. 1/3rd of the whole kit), I think the answer to our first hint is obvious.

Each team is getting 3 kits of parts this year.

Or 3 parts of a kit? :smiley:

Usually default timestamps are automatic on blog setups like this, so this looks pretty deliberate.

Obviously this is a game hint for the year 3013. The probably already decided the game for that year. :smiley:

From FRC Blog:


Dr. Who reference, coupled with the 3013 date.

Game hint aficionados, get to work.

Next clue will probably be a recording of a pit admin saying that team 9876 needs a flux capacitor.

Hmmm. Biggest thing I can think of is either an increase in match time. Bigger/More alliances could be as well.

Or what kind of game could they do with time?


Looks like the 3013 date was changed…

I’m seeing a lot of 3’s and time references. Is it possible that they’re hinting at a 3 minute game? This is discussed every year, but never has there been this many clues.

Or a three alliance game; that’d be something.

Originally, with all the threes I would have agreed with you. But Dr. Who is all about this:

People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff.

I think it’s a much stronger indication of a three minute game, or the game being distinctly three parts, auton, teleop, and end game, unlike until now, when teleop and end game were largely mixed together.

Another thought from the FRC Blogged today: Tom Baker was the 3rd reincarnation of the Doctor.

Half life 3 confirmed.

Amid all the wild speculation, the only guess that I can come up with (and would probably bet on, if I were a betting man) is that this years game would not be sports-related.