3015 Premiere Night Teaser: Link + Balance Auto

Team 3015 can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. Tune in to premiere night to watch the full reveal.


This is excellent! I’m curious - why L2?

I was lucky enough to be there to watch this happen, and let me just say that 3015’s robot is amazing!


We believe that the time savings and accuracy improvement of doing the middle row was worth it considering that we will end up with the same score at the end of the match as long as the top row gets filled.


Where’s the appropriate :fire: reaction?


Super impressive!

I’ve seen a few teams show a balance auto starting from the side. Where do you plan to start your partners, especially if they both have mobility autos, to not get in your way? Or are you view this auto similar to a 6 ball auto last year that teams ran early in the season when paired with less capable autos?


We think we’re only going to run our auto with a balance if we don’t have a partner that can consistently balance themselves. Can’t really say how we’d want to line them up since its really going to come down to what their auto does. We will try to have a lot of options ready so we can go with what will give the alliance the best overall auto period.

But, I do think teams going for a mobility/balance auto will be stronger if they can do it going straight over the charging station, leaving the sides open for their partners.


Absolute fire. Super pumped for FLR.


May be a good PSA as teams start designing autos.

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