303 2014 Robot Teaser

Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNczzQJqJ68

But you’ll have to wait a week to see how it all came together! Or stop by Team 41’s scrimmage on Saturday.

Looks good. Can’t wait to see the full bot!

The song…the song though…

Just kidding, looks good!

Surprised you went with PVC forks for pickup.

Take everything you see in this video with a grain of salt.

May I recommend my favorite version?

Looking forward to the reveal video!

Mine as well…

Looking forward to seeing the rest!

definitely a teaser. The affects of the Top 25 rules rears its ugly head.

(a) The kid at 22 seconds should be wearing safety glasses.
(b) You might want to Q&A the use of cheddar cheese on the robot.

Looks good 303 can’t wait to see the unveil.

Really? He’s tightening a vise on a flat piece of metal. Unless he is Superman I don’t think he has to worry much about flying metal chips from that.

The idea is that whenever you are in a workshop type environment you should be wearing safety glasses. The downsides of wearing safety glasses (mainly them being a little uncomfortable) don’t outweigh the benefit in that you won’t get random things flying into your eyes and making you go blind. Making an honest attempt to wear them whenever you’re working on the robot helps to make wearing them in a workshop/competition environment a habit.

Really. You’re in the shop, you should be wearing safety glasses. Period. :smiley:


Not to get too off-topic, but see here, a recent incident on 1676. Luckily, the student was wearing safety glasses, even though she was not doing anything unsafe.

Anyway, looking good 303! Can’t wait to see it in person in a few weeks! :slight_smile:

Good looking shot there 303! Can’t wait to see the entire robot after teaser week ends and then at Hatboro.


Also notice that at :09, :25 and :35 show kids with loose sleeves past their wrists working on mills/drill presses. Also a big safety no-no.