3091, needs your prayer.

First id liked to congratulate team 3091 for their Incredible season and Rookie All-star Award. Unfortunately this is a bitter sweet post.

Saturday night, the Team Captain of 3091, Kenny, was in a car accident. He is ALIVE thank God, but did require an extensive surgery. I am not sure what his status is right now, but i do know he is still in the hospital.

Please keep Kenny, family, friends, and team in your prayers.

That is certainly a tragedy. Please keep us updated on his condition. I assume he is at least in his home town. My family will be in prayer for Kenny. We remember them because their team number, 3091, is the same as the last FLL team we had…

Sending good thoughts of healing and well-being to Kenny, the team, and all involved in the accident.

Keep us posted.

Yes, 3091’s home town is Atlanta.

And thank you for a quick response!

Thank you for posting this. Please keep us advised and let us knw if there is a call for help (like blood donations) or if there is a way we need to get involved.

My prayers go to Kenny and his family, friends and team mates.
Get well soon

Our thoughts and prayers are with your team and Kenny and his family.
If anything can be done… don’t hesitate to ask…

Just got off the phone with the Adult mentor for the team.
Kenny is still in ICU, he is alert and talking.
He is very bruised and swollen but they are awaiting updated vitals to determine if he can be moved to a normal room.
He was informed of the prayers being sent through CD and is touched that people are there thinking of him.
Keep them coming and I will continue to relay the messages to him.

Prayers and good thoughts sent.

Get well quickly Kenny!

On behalf of Team 1403, hope you get well soon!! Heck you’re a FIRSTer, and that’s enough of a reason to know that you’ll pull through.

On behalf of the MOE 365 team, Kenny, his family, and Team 3091 are in our prayers.

Take care.

You have team 744 prayers. Keep us updated.

On behalf of Team 1511, Rolling Thunder, we wish Kenny a speedy recovery and will keep him, his family, and Team 3091 in our thoughts and prayers.

You have the thoughts and goodwill of team 1086! It is such a tragedy that such an event would happen in such a joyous time. As if to have a team’s quarterback in a wheelchair after the superbowl!

Hope he heals quickly,
Matthew Petrie and Blue Cheese


The thoughts and prayers of the TechnoTicks are with you. I know you will recover and lead your team to greater heights!

I’ll be praying as will the rest of the Panthertech members! Just make sure he gets on the nurses good side… and he will be treated like a king! :slight_smile: Glad to hear that he’s awake and talking. As someone who spends time working in an ICU, that’s something we always like to hear. :slight_smile:

Prayers sent for Kenny’s recovery and to his friends, family, and community that is looking out for him.

Get well soon, buddy, you still have robots to build.

Kenny has been moved out of ICU! The prayers must be working.

He is still in the hospital but is stable, one of our team parents is going to visit with him today and we will update again after the visit.

The team mentor is aware of the thread and is consistently sharing the posts with Kenny and the family.

Keep the prayers coming.

From all of Team 341, please give Kenny our most heartfelt prayers.

We, too, went down this unfortunate path a couple of years ago when one of our alumni and mentors was hit by a car when riding his bicycle. Although he was in a coma for several days, I am happy to say that Doug made a full recovery, and I am cautiously optimistic that the most recent post indicates that Kenny will too!

Luckily those of us with FIRST in our blood just don’t go down without a fight!

When Kenny’s ready for some really bad jokes and horrible puns, let us know - we’re loaded with those. Until then, we’ll behave.

Great to hear that he is stable and out of ICU - yay!