30gigs of email

Today there was an article on slashdot about this new email service called 30gigs. The problem is it’s invite only and the article suggested the terms of service are “shady”. Now this may be kinda selfish but if anyone does get an account maybe they can start inviting people on Chiefdelphi ( kinda like Gmail ). You can then decide whether or not it’s a good service or not. I’m very interested in the idea of having 30 gigs of storage accessible from any computer. :cool:

Oh come on now… it can’t be that bad.

I mean the address they are registered to overlooks a golf course in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

That’s a heck of a lot better than the adress from that free cad program a while back who’s location provided was listed at a city park… :rolleyes:

Hey i got that free CAD program! It wasn’t all bad… until i got AutoCAD 2006 and then i dropped it so fast…

I’ll get an account when someone develops 30gigFS. I wouldn’t mind 30 gigs of online storage space =)

That’s when you just e-mail zip files to yourself… lol

30 Gigs, My Gmail is now at 4% of the 2650MB cap it has.

I suppose I could empty half of my laptop’s hard drive onto this 30GB email you speak of, but being I have a dial up it may take one year to upload it all, not to mention all the time I would spend trying to access the files when I need them.

When the day comes I have access to a 30GB+ email; I will be sure to buy myself a small portable hard drive, unless I have a very fast Internet connection.

I can’t wait for the day the text contained in this post will consist of one GB of information.

Some site is offering a terabyte. I’ll try to find it. (You’ll never use that much memory…[We’ll be laughing at this statement in like 5-10 years…you know we will]).

http://www.mailnation.net/ is offering free 1 terabyte e-mail accounts.

Errr, it’s not for storing data like that. GmailFS actually creates a virtual hard drive on your computer, which uses a gmail account as the storage medium. You use it exactly like a normal windows folder, but it’s all stored via gmail.

(There are windows versions out there, not sure where though)

As far as the 1TB of space… that is definetly overselling. Anytime you see “Unlimited” or some insane amount (1 TB) it is because they don’t actually expect you to use that much. Most people don’t use past 1 gig, never mind a terabyte. I’d be interested to see what would happen if someone signed up for a 1TB account and tried to actually fill it. I’d bet money that the account would get closed.



Wow, I never knew such a thing was out there.

Now here’s a very interesting question. What would happen if I had an http server program on my computer serve the files in this virtual “GMail Drive”? Would the viewer of the http “site” be served the files through GMail servers?

I was thinking of something like this and it seems feasible. The problem is that the Gmail drive isn’t necessarily added as a folder, more like a symlink. The entire basis behind it is fairly simple, I think creating a GmailWS wouldn’t be to hard.

-Adds this to his to-do list-
Expect a proof of concept out by tomorrow. If I haven’t started working on it, yell at me.

I’ve started using my gmail as a drive. :]
But is there a reason that this has been done only on gmail? (other than the size given ~2.7GB) Is there a reason it’s easy to hack google?
If not then maybe this can be done on mailnation . :]

Interesting idea. It would still be going through your computer though, I’m fairly sure. The file would be pulled down from Gmail to your computer, then sent back out to the person requesting the file.

Gmail Drive basically works by adding a network drive, so I’m not sure if Apache could handle that… however, if you were to get GmailFS to work on Linux (I’ve never managed to, but I’ve never tried too hard), it would appear to be part of the normal file system, so it should work fine.

After much searching I got an invite :stuck_out_tongue:
Invite links ( Go figure), Invite spooler 2nd invite spooler Looks OK but I think the mail server is either slow or gmail doesn’t know where to send it because it’s taking forever to send myself a message.

I’m almost positive Apache on Windows wouldn’t be able to. I’m going to try setting up my debian apache server to serve via GmailFS later.

If anybody ever uses a terabyte in the next few years the world would probably come to an end

cool . :ahh:

I can’t find the quote, but it was from a while ago. Some computer guy that said people would never need more then a megabyte of space.

Well, you can get Macintosh System 7 down just under 1mb, but that is an absolute minimum install. Still a pretty dang capable OS for being able to fit on a floppy.