30x30 Bosch Rexroth Extrusion Help

I have been playing with the frame generator and creating frames using a Bosch 30 x 30 profile. The issue I am having is constraining parts to it. I can not seem to line up the gussets well and the t nut and t bolts. I was hoping someone would have some tips to this.

ps. this grab cad link has some great profiles for 30x30 taht are ready to go into the structural shape generator


The reason the alignment doesn’t work out nicely is that in reality, the sides of the bar are very slightly sloped inwards, so that they flex when you tighten down the T-nut. This creates a spring force that eliminates the need for a lock washer or lock nut.

If you’re using Inventor, I’d suggest making a flat work plane across each face, and then a centerline, and constraining to those, then hiding their visibility.

Just so you know, with 80/20 profiles, the 80/20 company doesn’t use 3-d cad models, preferring to use wireframes in 3-d Autocad.