3103 (simplified) drivebase CAD

This past fall, the girls chose to start learning OnShape as their CAD tool of choice. In parallel, they chose to build up an old KOP chassis kit they had laying around as a training exercise for their new members. They decided to make a CAD of the drivebase so that they could have it available to buld upon (in OnShape) for future years.

We noticed that the CAD model of the drivebase made from importing the STEP files from the AndyMark website took a long time to load and for the screen to update when the CAD was manipulated (rotated, zoomed,…). Since our intent is to use the drivebase as a component, we created a simplified version of the wide drivetrain CAD model. The follwing is a non-exhaustive list of the details unimportant to this application that were deleted or changed;

  • the gears in the gearbox were deleted
  • the wheels were replaced with simple discs
  • the bearings, pulleys and belts were removed
  • many screws were deleted though the nuts on the outside were retained
  • the remaining components in the drivebase were grouped together so the drivebase can be treated as a component

Please feel free to use this in your CAD. We are intending to create simplified versions of the other AM14U3 drivebase configurations and will post them here when done.

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