3128 Strategy Whitepaper & Resources for Other Teams

Team 3128’s Strategy Department has been working for the past month, compiling resources and writing descriptions on how we run our department. We aim for this guide to help teams who are interested in delving into or starting their own strategy department, but do not know where to start.

This is not just a basic summary of our scouting systems, you can find that here. While we have made many improvements to our system during the offseason, we haven not had the time to write up a detailed description of what we have changed. The general idea is that we have migrated our backend to Firebase, where we store all our scouting information for every regional. We can then pull that data into a viewer app in real time, requiring only one person in the stands to have internet on their computer. If you would like more details on how we run our new data storage and viewer apps, please ask below and we will try to get answers back promptly.

The entire second half of this document is dedicated to resources for teams to use when they want to take the leap and start a strategy department, or if they just want to enhance their current strategy performance throughout the season. Many of 3128’s own Strategy Department curriculum lessons are included, along with guides of how to utilize the provided lessons. We have also included some templates, such as what we use for our prescouting, in order to help teams prepare for competitions better. Feel free to copy and edit these as much as you want!

Now for the fun part: Team 3128’s Strategy Department is promising to give weekly updates during the build season on various takeaways from our in-depth game analysis, and we are even planning on organizings CHARGED UP workshops before week 1 competitions… Here are the things we are committed to sharing throughout the season:

  • Data points for scouting

  • Pitscouting questions

  • Questions about the game we hope to be answered at our week 1 (Port Hueneme)

  • Our general takeaways about game objectives, and how best to approach CHARGED UP

We will do our best to keep active on our thread and Chief Delphi throughout the coming months, and we are all sincerely looking forward to getting more involved with the greater FRC community during the season!

3128 Strategy Whitepaper & Resources for Other Teams.pdf (320.4 KB)
Our resources start on page 18.


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