313 Pinecones - and glowing necklaces

Who got a glowing Ford Necklace from Team 313 - The Bionic Zebras - and what did you do for it?

I will post them on the 313 web site so you will be seen to all of the world…I will post the pictures here when they are downloaded from my camera. :smiley:

I got one through… cheating. My friend Andy did his “three-tongue fold” trick… and then I told him I would go to the movies with him if he gave me his necklace.

And then the necklace broke (wire snapped at the base). Hmph. I’ll solder it back together eventually.

My team was their first pick in Einstein(thanks again) so their team representative gave me one when i went up on stage to accept. Thanks for the great time and the cool necklace.

One of the adults on your team really wanted a fold up frisbee so i got off lucky. Jon from your team wanted me to bring over the non-british kid with a british accent from our team to record all kinds of cliche british phrases.

I was willing to trade one of our custom machined, hand engraved puzzles for a Ford necklace, but even with that i had to ask three people on 313 before i finally got one. yay. Anyone else who has one…has the logo started to rub off? Mine, no, but on my friend’s, the ford logo is almost completely gone.

So now we know the way to be popular at comp…have a cool giveaway and not many of them.

amy, on my necklace the logo is beginning to come off, but it’s still the coolest thing i got from the competition!

I didn’t feel it was worth it for one of the necklaces, but my friend took 3 bites of a pinecone (and chewed each one) to get one of the necklaces. Team 313 has him on tape, as well as a bunch of other stunts that people were performing to get one at the time, so I’m sure we’ll see it on the Internet shortly.

i tried to trade one of our foldie frisbes but he already had one so i gave him a mousepad that i had gotten from another team. mouspads are cool but glowing ford emblems are better. sorry to the team you gave me the mouse pad. if i still had it i would remember your name and number but i don’t!

hey 313,
my friend allison and i got necklaces from one of your team members for giving you guys a servo motor. I actually had a random guy offer me money for the necklace while walking around in the pit, you definetely get the award for best give away at nationals this year. :slight_smile:

team 103’s secretary

grrrrrr…i wanted one

i had no idea who was handing them out

I got one because one of the members promised one if we won the match which we were allianced with them…now just to get my necklace back from my friend

Anonther hot item from 313 were the “313 pinecones”. Did anyone get any of these?

I got one because I was driver and were were allied with them for eliminations. They were kind enough to supply ones for our entire drive team (thanks guys!). For those that do have them, be careful as the magnet can slip out and behind it is an incredibly small spring which I found again only by luck.

I got one because a guy on the team liked my hair :slight_smile:
Check it out: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/pictures.php?s=&action=single&picid=2820&direction=DESC&sort=date&perrow=4&trows=3

Wayne Doenges

This guy really got into the pinecone. There was hardly any left. :eek:

Here is Andy showing his skills for a necklace.

Andy is the greatest…he does the weirdest stuff…

She just happend to work at Disney AND be from Canada.


notice that this isn’t any ordinary pinecone, it’s a 313 PINECONE!!!

I still have my glowing FORD necklace from last year…my daughter (Jayda) LOVES it!!!
I missed you guys this year! Heard everyone had a great time at EPCOT!

Congrats to all that competed, and all who won awards!

-Lori- :slight_smile: