314 Final frisbee shooter

Here is our final shooter for the 2013 season, hope everyone likes it!


And below is the link to our shooter in the NBA :slight_smile:


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner :slight_smile:

That is fantastic consistency. What’s the distance? Almost looks further than full court.

Yes that is a little more than full court, give or take a few feet. Thank you!:smiley:

What’s your overall accuracy? It looks really consistent from the video.

From full court we are shooting about 9/10.

This is impressive!

And troublesome… :yikes:

I guess we’ll pick up the four you miss out of 45 shots and score those… :rolleyes:


We will share! we only get 15 anyways, if we score ours time to play some D unless people want to give up their disks. Either way there will be good robots, don’t count yourself out!

If you can make 40 shots, you can have them! Seriously, it is in your alliances best interest to score as much as possible!

Now if the opponent has a way to block the full-court shot, we’ll need to re-think our strategy… :wink:

Awesome work guys. You put more time into refining your shooter than my team would care to tune any aspect of our design. Very impressive! And thanks for sharing!


Stock in 84 inch robots just went up. IMO if you not planning about going under the bar you should be 84 inches tall.

Well for one thing, I’m glad you arent going to the same regionals as us…

In all seriousness that is very impressive. Congrats to you and the rest of your team, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of this robot in the future…

Looks great! We loved being picked by you last year at Wayne state, unfortunately we didn’t get into Wayne state this year, so we won’t be seeing you. Unless we make it to states…

Care to share what type of shooter it is?

Edit: just looked at your other videos. Looks like a 90 degree. I am guessing one Cim and an andymark pneumatic tire?

Yes it is one Cim and a pneumatic tire from AM. We loved working with you too, wish you were going to Wayne state again this year. Hopefully we will be seeing each other at states? :slight_smile: (fingers crossed)

The way we looked at it was that full court shooting will not dictate our whole strategy. We wanted to be able to shoot from anywhere on the field, regardless of where we are. We just want to make sure we have a very versatile robot! :slight_smile: