3140 Pre-Season Parametric Drivetrain

In preparation for the 2020 kickoff, team 3140 Flagship is proud to present its parametric west coast drive CAD model, developed in SolidWorks 2018. The drivetrain uses 6 NEOs with the single-speed 3-stage flipped gearbox from WCP. It uses an entirely welded frame and # 25 chain. There is no center drop. We use a combination of Colson Performa and VEXpro omni-directional wheels.

In SolidWorks 2018 (or later versions), the user may edit the drivetrain’s length, width, and wheel diameter from the Global Variables menu. Keep in mind, the design is intended for 4" or 6" diameter wheels. The center to center distance between sprockets will automatically snap to a 0.25" interval–in order to accommodate the 0.25" chain pitch–and maintain a minimum of 0.5" clearance between the wheels and the outer bars of the drivetrain. The number and position of weight savings holes and the position of bumper rail supports will also adjust according to global variable changes.

In the configurations menu, the user may select a 4" or 6" wheel setup, adding accordingly sized Colson Performa wheels on the center axles, omni-directional VEXpro wheels on all corner axles, and appropriate VEXpro acetal spacers.

Configuration Selection

Here’s an example of some edits being made in real-time:

However, if 1) a part does not adjust, you may need to open the part, open its equations, and finally close its equations. The part should then update. If 2) weight saving holes do not adjust, open the respective part, edit the cut-extrude for the weight-saving holes, and finally select all holes that did not cut. Although the sketches automatically draw new weight-saving holes, SolidWorks does not necessarily know which holes should and should not be cut.

All of the supporting SolidWorks files are attached below. For those of you that don’t use SolidWorks, two STEP files are attached. Both feature a 32" long by 28" wide drivetrain, one with 4" wheels and one with 6" wheels. Feel free to use any of the files, and good luck this season!

3140 Adjustable WCD.zip (31.6 MB)
4in WCD.STEP (59.2 MB)
6in WCD.STEP (32.6 MB)


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