3146 Granby GRUNTS Robot Reveal!

Here is our robot for the 2018 season! See you all at Rhode Island and Hartford!

I really enjoyed working with the team for my first build season as a mentor and I’m pretty proud of the final product! :smiley:

Great work Jake for making the reveal video!
Also, shout out to Buzz :slight_smile: Robotics for letting us use their space for practice and for shooting this video!

This is basically the robot I was envisioning at the beginning of the season. Looking forward to competing with you at Hartford!

What a great reveal. What autos have you been working on?

Yeah, we have quite a few with more to come before Rhode Island! Right now we launch cubes into the switch by backing up into it like at the last shot of the video, and then crossing the line. We might work on a 2 cube auto but refining the ones we have now is our top priority!

Excellent robot. The improvement from your recent seasons also seems huge.

Good luck to you guys!

I spy a 176 machine in that vid! Thanks for letting us share the field with you guys. Good luck at your competition!

Haha it was nice having some company while we worked! Your robot is super impressive this year I can’t wait to see how far you guys can go with your robot!

Looks great! Love the music in the reveal. Good luck!!