3167's brand new same as last year website

Made some minor changes to the site. Wanted to get CD’s distinguished opinion on it. Don’t be afraid to be critical (as if I needed to remind you:cool: I do the same)


Nice site!
Some things I noticed:

  • Some of the pages required me to log-in (photos and 2011 videos were the main ones)
  • Putting a mission statement/welcome message would be a nice touch on the home page
  • The music on the homepage is a little distracting and a tad unprofessional

I really like your links page and I was very glad to see FIRST italicized!

Our team moderator told me to keep those pages restricted for the time being.

I was trying out the music, wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep it there. I think I may remove it now that I have a second opinion.

(Couldn’t help but notice the irony of you mentioning how you were glad to see FIRST italicized, and you didn’t italicize it. I know it’s not required.)