[319] check_in Teaser

Here’s a fun little video the team made up from some testing we did over the weekend. Tune in to check_in on RSN tomorrow at 7pm ET to see the whole thing and ask us questions.

Having a mentor on-field to steer the goal towards our shots. Genius! Why didn’t I think of that!?! :cool:

Shh. Don’t give away our secrets.

Even double speed on youtube looks physics defying. I’m guessing that’s posted at 1/3rd or 1/4th speed, so something like 8-10bps? I’ve seen a few shooter videos where the shooter is capable of that throughput, but I’ve yet to see a hopper clearing mechanism that can manage it. Was that with a realistic hopper clearing mechanism?

Definitely not. This was with our prototype mounted upside down with a very ideal gravity feed solution. We just wanted to see how fast we could get balls through the shooter and to see how much it slowed down while we did so.

Tune in tomorrow!

I don’t think that boiler meets regulations. Are you sure it’s 8ft 1in tall? :wink: