3200 Raptacon Pre-Season Chassis Design (Very Rough)


This is the early model of the chassis team 3200 has been working on in our off season. It is deisgned to be very simple to assemble and repair. Many similar parts and standard toughbox mini gearboxes allow this chassis to be assembled quickly and repaired even quicker. There are less than 10 different models of piece needed to build this chassis design. It is designed to use 6 inch wheels with 1/2in hex bore hubs. Chassis frame is made of 1x2 inch aluminum tubing with brackets made from .1 inch thick aluminum plate. Frame and brackets will be cut on our CNC router, but they can be simplified and made with classic machine tools if needed.

This design is still in the very rough stages, and will almost certainly be changed after kickoff, but this is what we have so far.