3211 go?

So at our last event, as the MC goes and reads our number calling “three two one one”, the scorekeeper probably got it as a start signal for the match, which caused, well, fun events.

and from now on, we are known as “Thirty two eleven”.

It’s Hebrew, so wait for the “Shalosh Sthaim Ehad Ehad”

That is one of the best things I’ve ever seen haha :smiley:

Like :smiley:

Hahahaha epic

This is hysterical. Lucky he wasn’t standing in front of the robot when it happened!

One more reason on the list for why it makes me uncomfortable inside to hear team numbers expressed as individual digits.

I was a CSA standing by the scorekeeper’s table when that happened. Let’s just say after we stopped the match and knew everyone was okay we were all hysterical laughing.

That was amazing.

that MC got the surprise of his life!!

As a CSA on the field, and a 3211 Alumnus+mentor, i have to agree with you :slight_smile: after we were sure everyone is safe, we had a great laugh…
that was never something we imagined would happen, and was a good “comic” break in a very very good event, both for me (as a volunteer), and for the team :slight_smile:

can someone explain for those who weren’t watching?

When the MC starts the match, the cadence is usually “pilots ready for flight, drivers behind the lines, three, two, one, go!” and the scorekeeper starts the match. In this match, the MC was introducing team 3211 by saying “three two one one” and the scorekeeper (possibly) panicked and hit the “start match” button with the MC still on the field. OP had link to video.

I wouldn’t call it “panic”, more “trigger happy”. He thought he heard “3, 2, 1, go” after team introductions… and every scorekeeper knows to start the match on that call.

It’s amazing how pavlovian we as field officials get to our MC. I once had an MC start the wave (during a field-is-broken timeout) similar to a way they’d start matches. Hearing this while being right against a robot, I wasn’t the only one on the field who jumped for dear life. Seeing this now I’m glad I did!

They should be also looking for the “FTA thumbs up”, not just the countdown.

The face of the head referee- Priceless…

This is absolutely not something that should be laughed about.

In 2015 our drive team was setting up the robot when the match was started and the robots started moving. Luckily everyone was fine (driver had a mark on his arm from the robot hitting him) but it is easy to see how he could have been seriously injured due to someone being “trigger happy”.

Whoever is in charge of starting matches needs to be aware of the field conditions before starting a match. There is no excuse for anything other than full attention.

Absolutely. I nearly got sacked at my last event for starting a match w/o a direct line of sight to an FTA’s thumbs up. Not to toss the scorekeeper involved here under the bus, but as scorekeepers we are trained to never, ever, EVER start a match w/o said thumbs up.

I hope the scorekeeper involved learned a valuable lesson.