3211 The Y Team Presents: ZURG

Our 2015 robot, enjoy and feel free to ask anything here =]

This may be a little off-topic but,
Are you guys coming to the Illinois FTC State Championship on Saturday?

Yup, we are. As team 9166, we are actually already in IL, practicing and getting prepared.
See you there?

Another fantastic robot out of Israel!
This might be Israel’s best shot at a World Championship yet!

And yes, I will be one of the FTAAs. (I think there are 4 FTAAs not including the FTA.)

Probably the best 80/20 robot I’ve ever seen

I really really like this. Awesome work!

Awesome work as always guys. Hopefully we can meet up again at Champs this year! Best of luck to you with your Chairman’s submission.

I love how you utilized 2 claws at once, one for containers and one for totes.