3216's scouting app

Just thought this would be interesting to show. I’m working on documentation…

That looks pretty good but it seems very cluttered. I saw that you are using a rpi for your server, we are also using a rpi but what we are trying this year is to use bluetooth so people are not tied down by wires. Do you have any trouble with people not wanting to scout or just hating scouting?

In the analysis it gives percentages for best defense. What are these percents? Number of times it crosses these / total crosses?

Anyway you can have a “n/a” option on your defense crossings? I thought about making our scouting collection in a similar way but decided to have the scout choose which of the 4 defenses are on the field (low bar permanent). This would help me distinguish the 0s from the not on the field.

I’ve added a simple procedural documentation: