3255 The SuperNURDs 2023 Reveal, "Doc Ock"!

FRC 3255, SuperNURD’s 2023 Robot!


Here is our FRC 2023 Robot, “Doc Ock”! This has been a very revolutionary year for our team, full of innovations and new ideas! We are very excited to showcase our final product!

Tech Specs:


  • 29"x29" Frame
  • 115 Lbs
  • Scores cones and cubes at every position
  • Floor pickup for upright and fallen cones/cubes
  • Feeds from double substation
  • Low center of gravity


  • SDS MK4 inverted modules
    • Falcon 500 Powered
    • L2 ratio (6.75:1 ratio)
    • 16.3 feet per second
  • Brainpan electronics
  • Field oriented control


  • Overall
    • Allows for easy transfer of cubes from floor to intake
  • Pivot
    • Pivot powered by Neo planetary gearbox
    • (100:1) pivot gear ratio on dead axle
  • Roller
    • 2 in. roller flex wheels and banebots wheels
    • Roller powered by Neo 550
    • (4.25:1) collector roller gear ratio
    • 22.59 feet per second surface speed on roller


  • Spring loaded rockers allow for cone and cube pickup within same mechanism
  • Limit switch slows motors once pressed automatically
  • 4 in. compliant Andymark wheels
  • Neo 550 powered
  • (9:1) gear ratio
  • 21 ft/sec surface speed on rollers
  • 8 lbs total


  • Overall
    • Allows for scoring in all positions
    • 2 points of articulation (shoulder and elbow)
    • Uses #35 Chain for all parts
    • No pneumatics
    • Arm and Elbow two points of articulation
    • Has a guard for safety and stabilization
    • Spins on dead axles
    • Uses 60 and 25 tooth sprockets
    • Uses preprogrammed set points for scoring and collection positions.
  • Gearbox
    • (200:1) gear ratio
    • Falcon powered
    • Encapsulates gas shocks, encoders, and arm/elbow base sprockets
  • Gas Shocks
    • 60 lbs rating
    • Assists and stabilizes arm when extended (takes load off the motors)

Please reply with any questions!

Check out our 2023 Build Thread:


Port Hueneme

Doc Ock had a great showing this past weekend at Port Hueneme! We ended qualification matches being rank 2, and captained the second seeded alliance. In playoffs, our team picked FRC 973 The Greybots, and FRC 4 Team Element. After many intense matches we made it to semifinals in the second bracket! We are very happy with our robots performance and we can’t wait for San Diego Regional!

Our robot in action! (Quals 73)

In this match we scored two high links as well as 2/3rds of a hybrid link, leading to a solo point total of 59 pts with endgame.