326 Teaser

Vague but, quite a good representation of what our robot is gonna do… Or atleast the motion of a subsystem…



I thought that strategy was deemed illegal.

Depends on the strategy your thinking of…

What Strategy was deemed illegal?

This is kinda what we are going to do if I am thinking of the same strategy.

Are there any rules against using the battery as a counterweight?

I, too, am curious what strategy has been deemed illegal…

I thought I saw 326 post about their robot placing and removing the same game piece repeatedly. My bad.

People see what they want to see. The picture displays no indication that a strategy “of the one you mentioned” would be used. You C.I.M. have placed information not present into play.

I already apologized in the thread - what more would you like me to do?

I ask only that people would be more careful when posting. I have also look at the post you are talking about and you are correct, someone from 326 did post what you were talking about. I do not think you need to apologize. Your words are correct. This forum is full of teams that post without reading the entire post or make comments on things not relevant to the current thread. I again hope that when you post (which you do allot) carefully word your response, do not treat an individual as an entire team, and if you really need to say something post a private message to that person.