32x GRR to HOU tickets available at $520

NC GEARS team 1918 has 32x round trip flights on southwest from Grand Rapids to Houston.

We can sell them as whole or partial blocks.

Please dm me for contact info.


Additional details:

4/18-4/23 round trip from GRR to houston Hobby.

GRR 4/18 7:30PM to HOU 4/19 1:30AM
HOU 4/23 5:10AM to GRR 4/23 11:15AM

That’s a great rate. Flights from San Fran to Houston for our adults were in the $900-$1100 range.


Even now, we checked these specific rates and they are now $1200, so someone will hopefully get travel they need and save a bunch of money, or, maybe someone has refundable tickets at a higher rate they can switch from.

Make sure you can get accommodations and/or arrange for ground transportation.

I had a reservation for an Airbnb for around $80 per night, within walking distance since I am volunteering at Houston Championship. It was canceled by the host a few weeks ago by the host with no explanation. I suspect that the host wanted to price gouge a Taylor Swift fan. Airbnbs in same area are now up over $300 per night. I am now going to look for something along the train route going north or east. The venue for the Taylor Swift concert is along the train line going south from the GRB.