33 Buzz XVII 2012 video

Hey all,

While I did not have time to make an unveiling video in 2012 like I did last year I was finally able to put one together. It’s been one heck of a season and it is my pleasure to be able to share a glimse of that with all of you.

Regards, Bryan

Killer Bees 2012


Great Video.

Was the bridge autonomous auto before or after champs?

Edit: realize that’s probably your comp bot so after champs. Excited for iri!

Definitely one of my favorite machines this year. Killer Bees never fail to disappoint. I look forward to watching Buzz XVII at IRI. Too bad I can’t be there in person…

Good luck at IRI! I can’t wait to see what 33 comes up with next year as well.

That video was really excellent. Already watched it 3 times.

I can’t wait to see a match at IRI when there is what I call the “trully perfect hybrid mode.” When someone runs a hybrid like yours, someone else scores off the coop bride and a third team just puts in their 2. Total score of 60 points in hybrid.

Amazing robot 33!!!

The 33 machine is one of the rare robots that combines form with function perfectly, and the choice of Tick Tick Boom fits the video on multiple levels. It was great to finally get to see you in competition at IGVC and MARC.

LOVE the video, and especially the bot. An amazing job with the performance, and of course the looks :wink:

Wish we got to play a match with you at Galileo but we still have a chance to at IRI! See ya there :smiley:

This video has not been made available for mobile… :frowning: Stupid iPhone.

I am out of the country for almost 2 more months and was really looking forward to seeing the details behind this machine. Oh, YouTube! Why do you taunt me so?

By far one of my favourite robots this season. I finally get to see it at IRI this week! When did you add the alliance bridge autonomous? I’ve not seen you use it in competition (through the videos that I’ve seen).

Thanks for the complements guys. We will definitely be painting the robot again next year and intend to continue to produce videos into the foreseeable future.

The side bridge auto mode worked on the practice robot before worlds. Unfortunately, it did not translate as well as we had anticipated to the comp robot and even if it had we never really had a good opportunity to use it. After worlds it took about an hour or so to perfect and improve the program for the IRI. The auto mode in the video if correctly aligned never made less than 3 and made four fairly frequently. It’s actually far more consistent than our co-op bridge auto in that regard. We’ll see how it does at IRI.

Sorry about that. If you want to see the details of our robot, however, we have released the CAD, the code, and here’s an article explaining generally how everything works.

Regards, Bryan

One would assume the co-op is easier to do, what do you think caused the difference?

For one it’s a shorter distance to shoot from than the back of the key. The second factor is that you can be further off on asmyth then you could be if shooting straight on and still make it. In the video, watch where all the shots of the autos hit the backboard – there is actually quite a difference in position between some shots.

I don’t recall giving my permission to be in your video, if you make lots of cash I expect a chunk :slight_smile:

See you at IRI.

Now I wish I had checked this robot out at champs. And wish I could go to IRI to watch it play. Time now to read that article BJC referenced and see what I can get out of it.