33 on PBS

Killer Bees were just seen on PBS, Nova Science Now, filmed at the Maker Faire Detroit.

That show should be starting in a few minutes out west here. thanks for the heads up

Please post a link if it’s published online for those of us without easy TV access! Love seeing teams featured in the news.

I first saw the honeycomb structure, and said, “I remember their cad… It’s the Killer Bees!” - My [non-robotics] friends think I have no life.

There were other FIRST robots too.

Here is the watch link: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/tech/what-future-be-like.html

The Killer Bees are at 38min

Great video! I love it when David Pogue hosts Nova. Wish he’d mentioned that 33 is a FIRST robotics team but it was great that they were included!

Looks like 2604 in there as well. Cool stuff