33 The Killer Bees: 2018 Robot Buzz XXIII

Team 33, The Killer Bees, are proud to present our robot for the 2018 season: Buzz XXIII.

This being my first season with 33, I am incredibly proud and amazed by the outstanding work put in by all of our students and mentors.

We will be competing this season at the Southfield, Milford, and Windsor district events. Good luck to everyone this year!

“Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.” - 23


Does your VEX robot fit in the 18x18x18 sizing cube?

All jokes aside, this is a phenomenal machine, and definitely an amazingly engineered one. Great job to the entire team for this feat - I can’t wait to see the swerve in action, looks killer!

How does one do 4 wheel swerve with 6 motors?

Another amazing job by one of my favorite teams. Can’t wait to see this thing in action!

Ok Nick, speak to me of printed swerve.

Either that or I’m making my brother get lots of pictures (it’s happening either way, accept it)


Can you provide any detail shots of the bell crank and associated push rods? What made you pick that solution for arm actuation? I assume the bell crank is the 3D printed nylon component?

Wow! This might just be one of my favorite robots so far, if not my favorite. I can’t wait to see this thing play, it looks like a beast.

Well done 33!

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Shiny bumpers? Nice.

Not going to lie, when I saw the CAD renders I thought this was like a parody post or something (because surely no one, let alone 33, would actually be THAT crazy, right?).

Can’t wait to see this in action.

I leave for 5 minutes and you guys jump to swerve!? But seriously, great looking robot, I’ll be rooting for you from Texas.

Miss you guys!
<3 Bryan

4 wheel swerve with six 775 pros? Do some modules have more 775’s than others? Why not just go 8?

This looks like an awesome robot, but I am very intrigued as to how the 6 motor swerve operates.

Great job 33! Good luck this season, hopefully I’ll get a chance to see this up close in Detroit

I’d hypothesize it looks something like this:

|                  |
|                  |
|                  |
|                  |
|                  |

Package space didn’t work as is we have a spinning shaft millimeters from the motor. Not to mention 10 motors dedicated to drive kinda didn’t leave room for the robot to do anything else

The bell crank is the yellow “banana” bar you can see on the left robot in the picture. It is cut out of .25 aluminum. The 3D printed nylon components are rod ends that press into some of the DR4B links and the turret and forks of the swerve are printed as well. In addition to that we also have some small bypass brackets that are printed with normal PLA.

As for the 6 motor swerve we have one 775 on the front two pods near the collector and two on the rear two pods. It drives and performs great, we just didn’t want to have 1/2 the drive power as some of the 8 775 drives but we also wanted to not dedicate 12 motors to the drive overall (8 775 + 4 steering). We are using field-centric driving and steering, there is no noticeable difference between the front vs back of the robot.

WAOW. Fantastic design. If it functions as good as it looks, you’re really going to be killer this year. :wink: We’re really looking forward to competing with you!

Any chance you can grab some up close shots of the bell crank at your event this weekend? From those shots it’s hard to see where the fixed pivot is, and even harder to see how you’re attaching your input (motor?) to the crank.

If I’m being entirely honest, I scoffed off the idea of double reverse 4 bar lifts for this game…
until I saw this robot.

Excellent job, 33.

Also, while it’s not how 33 implemented their 6motor/4module swerve this season, this thread has made it readily apparent that plenty of you need a history lesson on FRC swerves: