33 The Killer Bees: 2019 Robot Buzz XXIV

33 The Killer Bees are proud to present our robot for the 2019 Destination: Deep Space season, Buzz XXIV.

We will be competing at Southfield, Center Line, and Alpena 2 FiM district events.

Good luck to everyone this season!


Lots of carbon!

just curious, but are all of your robots programmed in labview?


That looks awesome! Can’t wait to see the 3 bot L3 happen at comp!

I’m surprised you guys didnt go with swerve again this year. Atleast from what I’ve heard, I dont remember hearing about many failures and if I remrmrber right, they seemed to be fairly light, compact modules.


I’m curious about how the air fittings for motor cooling work? Does that require modification of the motor housing?

Yes. We’ve used LabVIEW since 2009.

We use vented set screws to thread into one of the mount holes on the motor, and then thread a 90* push-to-connect fitting onto the other end of the vented set screw. this way we can blow air into the motor via the fitting and then the air comes back out of the motor through the other non-used mount holes on the motor. This is something we cannot do during matches; the fitting is not connected to the air system on the robot.


Where are your other two cameras oriented. What made you guys choose to use two additional cameras to the Limelight?

A 3 robot lift on a 4-bar?!


The limelight is located where it’s beneficial to targeting, and only used for auto alignment.

The other two cameras are located on the cargo and hatch mechanisms for driving and manual alignment. They are always available to the driver to verify alignment, even when auto aiming.

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Sounds pretty cool! Are you finding that the NEOs require more cooling than CIMs do in practice? We didn’t have the money for them this year so I’ve been pretty out of the loop.

Did you mean to say you “can not” do it during the match?

Correct, I have edited my post to fix that.

We actually think the NEOs require this practice less then CIMs. We just designed it in at the beginning of the season as a precaution and it was easy to keep on the robot so we left it. I’m guessing we will only use it when playing rapid back-to-back matches and probably on the practice robot during long streaks of practice.


Chain on the final drive? Does this system work with lifting 300lbs of robots or do they have to be light (60-80 pounds)?


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What type of lubrication are you using in your drivetrain gearboxes? Are they sealed in any special way or are they similar to VexPro style enclosed gearboxes?

Here is a rendor of just our drive gearbox. Here you can see how the housing sits around the gears. It is generally to keep debris out so the gearbox cannot get jammed or ruined, and there are access holes in the side of the housing to allow a spray straw to reach in and spray the gears with lubricant. We use white lithium dry spray.

The picture also better shows the air fittings that are mounted on the motors to be able to easily cool them in-between matches.


Can’t wait to see you guys at alpena #2 this year your robot looks awesome.

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#sidewaysevevatorgang #doublesidewayselevatorgang?


I nominate 33 as the leader of the #sidewayselevatorgang since they’re twice as cool as the rest of us.


3538 in 2018 was definitely the OG tho