33 The Killer Bees: 2022 Robot Buzz XXVII

Team 33, The Killer Bees, are proud to present our robot for the 2022 Rapid React season, Buzz XXVII.

Here is the robot in action doing a 5 ball auto:

33 will be competing at the Detroit and Belleville district events.

Good luck to everyone this season!


Just curious - is the intake the Velcro flaps stated in the poster or compliant wheels like in the video?

Really cool robot! excited to see it in action.


We are running the 4” Andymark compliant wheels for Detroit. We discovered a few days ago that once all of the fuzz has been removed from the cargo the Velcro is ineffective.


I’m curious why you would choose to use claws to index balls rather than a wheel system. Was it to have better control (in terms of time) of when the ball enters the shooter, and therefore control the shots more accurately?


Can’t wait to see it in action! We look forward to you kicking our butts in Detroit. :wink:

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We wanted to be able to store the balls in parallel in order to shoot a ball independent of the order it was collected in. The pneumatic solution was just the easiest to package/lightest solution.


swerve swerve swerve sweeeeeeeeerve

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This feels familiar…

Bees looked great at Detroit last night, good luck!



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