330 Beach Bots | 2017 Robot Pics

From what I understand, after 330’s last year in 2019, they gave a few of their robots out to various teams for various reasons, and 696 was one of them. I’m pretty sure, among other reasons, it was because we had won the LA regional with 330 back in 2017.

We pulled the bot out of our shed today to assess restoration possibilities, but it seemed pretty daunting: many connectors we haven’t seen before, lots of missing components, etc. Rest assured, we’re going to take great care of the bot regardless.

Anyways, I thought the community would like a blast from the past and see some pics of this beast! There are six of them below:


Thanks for sharing!! I hope you consider restoring it, I think it would be a really cool project and a great way to honor an awesome team that we miss seeing on the field.

Love that FRCTop25 sticker!


And to think this was 24 hours away from being my coffee table

If you don’t have the CAD already I can shoot that over, most of the stuff missing should be a solenoid stack (we don’t use manifolds, too heavy) and talon SRXes. We used XT60s and XT90s for 12 and 10 gauge respectively on most of that robot.

lol, this was me. We have a thing about not putting that type of sticker on the robot, and I figured this would be a funny spot rather than just letting it sit in the toolbox.

IIRC the bumpers were destroyed in a mild flood, and they’re deffo gone now unless you have them. That’s the first year that used the sliding lock system (see the weird slots on the front), only two cotter pins constrain everything.


I’d love to hear the coffee table story. All I remember is walking in to the lab one day and poof there’s the robot.

I think it’s also missing a RIO and I’m pretty sure we can scavenge a spare from somewhere, also some 3-pin PWM cables. CAD would be great; I’ll pass it onto the returning members because I’m about to graduate.

Bumpers we do have, I think both colors in the shed ( I saw them in the corner today).

Coffee table story is basically I was going to take the 2017 robot and clean it up to be a coffee table base, but there was a mix up so i took the 2007 robot and y’all ended up with 2017.

There’s a lot of random extra stuff in here (v1 hopper front, behind hood camera, ground intake); seems like SW isn’t interpreting some of the suppressed components correctly and I don’t have Inventor loaded up atm.

There’s supposed to be a full CAD repo…somewhere…but I’m entirely too lazy to find it.
If you’re reading this in 5 years and that link is dead bug me. If you can’t, it’s for the best.


Are those rack gears for the hood custom or COTS?

That’s the first time I’m seeing versa wheels on a robot. Performance in comparison to blue nitrile?

COTS, the PN should be in the cad. It’s a nylon rack gear from McM.

:man_shrugging: We’re cheap and didn’t want to deal with tread. It seems close, and you can power slide the versa W wheels pretty well with practice. Had good experience with them in 2014.