330's Final Competition

First of all, is IRI indeed 330’s last competition (even though it’s off-season)?

If yes, I feel like they should do some kind of send-off. I have no power over what goes on at IRI but I think having a short ceremony or speech commemorating one of the best FRC teams ever to exist would be great. This is just spoken from someone who was greatly impacted by 330 and who is sad to see them go.

If no, then my point stands for their last competition.


IRI is planned to be our final competition, and we’re trying to go all-out. We’ll have several iconic mechanisms and parts from 2016-19 at the auction table, ~800 3D printed button stand-ins, and a new T-shirt campaign launching soon.

We’re incredibly excited to see all of our north half-championship friends, and thank you for all of the kind words over the past season.


Best of luck!

Are you going to anounce t-shirt campaign from chief delphi? I am asking this because I really love your team but I couldn’t go to IRI and I liked your t-shirt design

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:eyes: 2016 pivot arm mechanism? :drooling_face:

We’d prefer to not leave one of our favorite robots headless, but here’s what we packed for the auction:

2016: Arm sprocket, “grasshopper legs”, and ULTEM printed climber ratchets.
2017: Pinching gear intake, shooter hood, and printed climber ratchets.
2018: The last 330 arm and triple climb forks.
2019: V1 clamping intake (used at OCR)


So what happens to all the robots. I mean you guys don’t have a place anymore if I remember correctly

We generally don’t like resorting to cannibalism (though 2009 was left for the bears to take), but we have enough spares to keep them somewhat intact and still share with the community. Most of our robots currently have homes.


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