330's Revamped Website

http://www.team330.org/ is now up and running again. I’ve been working to upgrade the website for a while now, it is now running the Drupal CMS (5.x) a nice new clean(er) layout. So check it out, gives some tips on what you’d like to see as far as content, layout, functionality, etc.

It is lacking content right now, but that should change sometime soon.

You’re missing team history, I didn’t see a contact list, and some team pictures and robot pictures. The contact email doesn’t seem to be displaying properly on your how you can help page.

I agree with afi419 as far as content goes. As far as the design goes, the shades of blue you chose for the title and navigation bar at the top don’t please my eyes very much and really don’t match.

Good Work!

Sorry but I’d have to agree with Ryan on that. It puts a real strain on your eyes to look at that. Is there a way to “dull” it down a bit if you know what I mean? Other than that it looks cool.
Maybe a lighter blue? idk

Yeah, I have a lighter version, that I am going to upload as soon as I get home to make sure it all matches and stuff. Thanks for the tips

Content, content, content… and a favicon would be a nice touch :wink:

I like the layout though, the footer is slick. Also, might want to turn on clean urls if your server supports it to get rid of the “/?q=”.

unfortunately our server does not support the clean urls module. But I am looking for some sort of alternative (anyone know of any?)

as far as content goes… how about some pictures of this years robot?

Drupal is sweet , I’m glad you got the blog figured out. Looks like a great basic template, you might want to reduce a few of the bottom blocks to keep things a bit cleaner.

http://afrobots.org Team 2587 from Houston, TX is also using Drupal !

I’ve made a few addition keeping in mind some of the things said in this thread. The banner, I’m still not happy with, but it’ll have to do for now. Content has been added, and more on the way. The blocks at the bottom, I’m trying to figure out a way to keep it clean as well as keep accessibility to certain things.

Anything else people see that they think should be changed/added/edited? Again, the URL is http://www.team330.org/

Wow that looks really good. Diggin the new photo gallery with Shane’s pic. haha

It gave me a “The page is not redirecting properly” error in the URL it says:

It should be working now. One of the applications that we utilize stopped working… And since it was being embedded on the main site caused it all to fall-apart. Thanks for the heads up.

So… when browsing your site I found this cool calculator for teams.


Looks like it analyzes wins and losses from The Blue Alliance. Pretty tight!

Yeah, I just found that a couple days ago… mugshot ftw.