3310 Black Hawk Robotics - 2014 Robot Reveal


Presenting Black Hawk Robotics 2014 Robot, Hawkeye.

Awesome robot, at some point we should play on the same side of the glass. Having to play against you all 5 times in Dallas was far too much.

Thanks. We were pestered by off board issues all regional. But we have some new toys for Colorado and some invaluable experience.

Hopefully TRR if not sooner :wink:

Your awesome T-bone defense against us inspired a new drivetrain feature for Colorado. :slight_smile:

Ahh Blackhawk… You guys were so much fun to play against. As a defensive team we were honestly stumped on how to play against you guys at first. I can’t wait to take you guys on again at TRR. Best of luck we are rooting for you guys!

Looks like a great robot, guys! I’m hoping we both wind up at CMP again! :slight_smile:

Great video and robot !
No crossbow sounds in the video ?
This robot sounds very unique when it shoots !

It’s actually rather difficult to hear the crossbow sounds in any of the video-- too much outside noise.

I am mow more frightened/excited than I was before about this weeks colorado regional! Looking forward to meeting you and this awesome bot.

That is an awesome looking robot you got there. Good yob on the unique shooter design. Could you maby give me some close up video’s explaining how it works exactly? And do you guys get to go to St. Louis?

Greetings from the Netherlands
Team 4481 The Rembrandts

I can try to get to work on that as soon as we get back from our current regional, I was planning on making another video soon anyways

Thank you, im looking forward to it! Good luck on your regional and we hope to see you in St. Louis.

Nice - good luck in Colorado!

We are looking forward to this weekend! Thanks Mr.B for the shoutout! Get ready because like the others have said we have some new toys to show.

Congrats on your colorado regional win guys! I’ll come by in your pit in st louis to check out your awesome shooter.

Definitely do! We are looking forward to St. Louis and hope to improve a couple of things!

Congratulations on your win in CO this weekend. Thank you very much for your help with finishing up our bumper rebuild before the first match on Friday morning, especially since you were on the opposite end of the field from us. We appreciated your team’s gracious professionalism. Good luck and many high goals in STL in a couple of weeks!

Congratulations on the win 3310! I was following you guys on the tracker app this weekend as your robot deserves a spot at the Championship this year! Love that shooter!

First off, Thank you. You guys were great pit neighbors! I hope to see your team continue to grow and improve. We wanted to make sure you guys made it to all of your matches, and you deserved to be out on the field with that awesome inbounding robot!

Brendan, If you have time at St. Louis come by and check it out! We would love to meet new people.

Thank you. The weekend did not go as we had hoped, and we were never able to really show off all of what Rolland was capable of to our disappointment. We were happy to see you take the win in the end. Your team was kind and deservedly proud of your robot. I was very impressed with the kids’ knowledge of its systems when I asked about it during scouting. We will be cheering for you.