3310 - RED HEN

A quick picture of our robot before we crated it. No video…youll have to wait to see how smooth it is in person :wink: http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a56/animenerdjohn/2011FIRST051.jpghttp://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a56/animenerdjohn/2011FIRST044.jpghttp://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a56/animenerdjohn/2011FIRST049.jpg

See you at Dallas

This robot looks solid! Metal thickness and weight? From the looks of it you won’t be pushed around much.

The metal thickness is different depending on where you are talking about. Most of it is .125 though the “hand” joint of the arm is .060 and the wheels are .060

Its pretty sturdy. We actually had some trouble early on getting it to turn because of how much traction we had…fixed that though.

From the pictures, I am expecting alot of smoothness. Sweet bot.

There will be no metal shavings falling into that C-rio. I love the upside-down mounting.

Any hint as to what the wheel configuration is? You mentioned you fixed the turning issue. Was that by raising the wheels on the ends, providing wheels with less traction on the ends, or by providing more torque with a gear ratio change?

Its 6 Wheel Tank. Notice that we would only have 3 CIM motors to drive with since one is used on the arm). We actually only had to raise the wheels on one end of the robot(Balancing thing). I will say our tread choice is something probably never used before.

Cant wait to see how good we do!

That arm looks like a beast. Can’t wait to see this robot compete in a webcast or a recorded video.

If I hear the MC make one more remark about how tall our arm is…

3CIM tank? How does that work? 2 on one side and 1 on the other?

I would like to hear how the 3-CIM drive works, though we have used tank treads before (almost every year :P) if that is what you are talking about.

You’re reading what I said wrong. Because of the very visible CIM motor for the arm we would only HAVE 3 to do a drive train with…which should eliminate everything but tank from being an option. It is a 2CIM tank, geared up in a way to provide the same torque as 4CIMs…no one pushed us around to bad.

We also used IFI roughtop tread on the middle wheels, and actually cut up a “welcome” mat from wal-mart to be used as tread for the other 4…worked BEAUTIFULLY.

Our arm was probbaly the largest one there, and we were the only team to my knowledge, to use a claw gripper on an arm.

We also won the Industrial Design award for our arm.

We were 5th seed alliance captain, and one of the top scoring robots of the competition. I think we did pretty well for being a second year team.