3310 Robot Reveal

Team 3310 presents “Warhawk”.


Auton Bin Grabber to acquire and move 2 bins off the step in under 0.25 seconds.

4 degree of freedom “Palletizing” arm designed to park at the Chute Door (yes, Chute Door) and stack up to 5 columns of totes up to 6 high.

Arm cycle time for a round trip (chute door to tote placement and back to chute door) is approximately 3.5 seconds.

Link to teaser video: http://youtu.be/pmyphoi-ASg

Needless to say, we are excited for Dallas.

Been hearing rumors all season about this thing. Glad it’s out in the wild. Can’t wait to see this machine in action. Hopefully we’ll get to play together at Bayou.

The quarter sec can grab is insane.

How are those arms so fast?!?

Well done!

Motion profile + a ridiculously oversized motor for the job + fishing pole whip

Basically, the brute force method.

Not to appear to be silly, but I think they got the idea after your user photo. Isn’t that what the arm on the left is doing?? :rolleyes:

That’s one fast can grab.

I’d like to see this “Palletizing” arm in action. Looks way different than the other stack building systems I’ve seen so far.

I had been joking that I was hoping you’d make a FANUC arm when you came back… you did it.

Very excited to see it!

I got really excited when I read this and saw the youtube link, but alas… The blazing fast whips are still cool.

Is the arm mounted on a turret?

Yes. 360 degree turret is joint 1, large arm is joint 2 smaller arm is joint 3 and wrist is link 4.

I like the look of the black metal!

4 DOF! What kind of controller are you using? Are you calculating the forward and/or inverse kinematics?

Looks beautiful. And that .25 second bin grab is very impressive. Any chance we can see the stacking arm in action?

Doing both forward and inverse kinematics, when required.

Using the RoboRio for kinematics, inverse kinematics, coordinated motion and motion profile; using the Talon SRX for all PID and sensor data collection.

Roborio simply sends position commands to the 4 Talons every 10ms.

That’s excellent. I love how the SRXs are enabling FRC teams to use distributed control. Are you updating the PID constants dynamically or did you find a set for each joint that works?

Gravity loaded axes are dynamic due to the differences between with tote and without, but J1 and J4 are static constants.

Motion profile on the can grabber? So you don’t bounce off the top?

Motion profile for the 4 axis arm. Can grabbers are encoder controlled via motion profile also.

Really want to see that arm in action. Hopefully I can make it to St. Louis this year to witness it first hand. :cool: