3360 robot reveal, Manticore

Here’s our robot for the 2016 season. Hope you guys enjoy! :cool: :cool:

Looks really awesome.

Very nice robot!

Brilliant drive train. Well done!

Byfar the most elegant robot I’ve seen so far this season. I’m looking forward to awesome things from 3360!

Beautiful machine! Very well thought out.

Are those 775’s in your drive train? No cims? Looks like they work well!

Yes they are. 8 775’s pros each with their own Versaplanetary on the drive train. We also used Vex’s new integrated encoders along with the talon SRXs and it works fine.
We thought we could have problems with them burning out, but after heavy testing, there is now way of that ever happening in a 2:30 match :yikes:

What kind of reduction are you having to use for the 775s?

25:1 with 2 stages, and we bring it up to 36:1 with the chains. That way it runs at a similar torque/speed you’d get from CIMs, but we got 8 of them :rolleyes:

Beautiful machine and amazing reveal Video

Elegant is the best word I’ve seen to describe this machine. The high release on the catapult, the ease of crossing the drawbridge, and the shortened climbing mechanism all blew me away.

Great job!

Incredibly well designed and thought out machine. Also, (echoing others) a very elegant and beautiful robot. Excited to play with you guys at GTRC.

It will definitely be a blast ! :smiley:

Great robot!!
Good luck on the field!!

Some quick specs :
Drive train:
8WD 8 inch Andymark pneumatic wheels
Powered by 8 vex 775s Pro geared down 36:1
Versaplanetary integrated encoders on talon SRX closed loop

2inch PVC roller with insulation foam, covered in hockey tape
Powered by Bag motor

200lbs spring loaded puncher
Auto aim and distance setting using vision processing
Powered by window motor.

Spring loaded scissor lift
Released by the same motor used to climb.
Powered by a 775 Pro
Climb in about 4-5 seconds
Lock in place using a rock climbing-style mechanism

Powered by 2 Bag motors
Motion control using a potentiometer on the SRX closed loop

-Rough terrain
-Rock wall

  • high goal using vision

If you have any more questions feel free to contact me! :wink:

Great design. Do you happen to have any pictures of it?

Here is one of us scaling.

this is it in starting position

you will be able to catch us live at the Montreal regional on week 5