3360 Robot Reveal, Warthog

Introducing Warthog, our 2017 robot for First Steamworks. See you in Montreal!

Best Part

Looks amazing. Cant wait to see it compete!

Very nice guys good luck this year!

Here’s some quick specs:

-6-CIM tankdrive
-6WD, 4 inch colsons
-single speed single reduction from vexpro geared 10.9 ft/sec.

-2 775 pros geared 5:1
-closed loop PID using the SRX with the integrated versa planetary encoder
-3bps with over 90% success

Intake :
-1"5/8 banebots driven by a single 775 pro, 7:1

-2 775 pros, geared 75:1 total
-climbs in about 1.5 seconds

-approx 100-120 balls capacity (not tested because we don’t own enough fuel)

complicated, but 3 motors total

10 FPS seems awfully slow for a game with such an open field. We’re looking at somewhere closer to 16-17 fps.

you’re right, but since our main strategy isn’t gear cycling we wanted to have more torque to deal with the defensive aspect of the game

Is this “adjusted speed” or “free speed?”

If you’re using a typical adjusted speed, 10.9 fps “adjusted” is roughly 13.5fps free. Not that big a gulf between 13.5fps and ~16fps… well within the realm of teams’ individual styles and design criteria. In addition, with 6 CIMs you can likely get a little faster than your typical adjusted speed with 4 CIMs may indicate.

adjusted speed. Tested and confirmed by our encoders