3374 Robot Custom Line Tracking and early teaser...

This is a cute little early season summary:

, and this is a pretty sweet little line tracking test:

Hey ! Can I get the code for your custom line tracker since i have no idea how to program it …


That line tracking is extremely interesting! I really enjoy how you use the strafing ability of the mecanum to adjust where it is on the line rather than rotating the bot and changing the orientation in respect to the field.

Everything is looking great! Keep up the hard work! :smiley:

I don’t have a copy of the code with me right now, but i will post one tomorrow. The general idea is that I took the three boolean inputs from the line sensors and built them into an array. I then convert the array into an integer which feeds into a case structure. The case structure picks what the appropriate horizontal movement should be for the each combination of the sensors. When i can take some screen shots of it I will put them up. Thanks for the interest!

Carter Schultz

Thanks Carter

I assume that cim motor on the lift is just for testing, there are only 4 allowed on the robot this year.

I would love to see the code as well if you don’t mind sharing. This was exactly what i was thinking of doing(using strafe to follow the line) but are mechanum wheels have not arrived yet so are programmers are kinda dead in the water.

Here is the code i have so far. The only thing that it is missing is instructions for when to stop moving forward and exit autonomous. The important thing to remember when working with this code is that a joystick produces a negative number when pushed forward. So the numbers are reversed from what seems intuitive. The timers at the top are really just to provide a reference for how fast this code can be run.