3397 Drives!

As of tonight, 3397 is getting around to having driving practice. Our competition frame and appendage are currently being welded at the local community college.

Enjoy! :smiley:

Why the triangular shape?

Nice drive.

Why did u your team decide on a two wheel drive with a omni wheel in back?
Will you be attempting to climb?

Nice, I like the atypical design.

What made you decide to do this over a traditional rectangular frame?

What advantages did your team brainstorm for this shape?

And I assume the unique frame and 4 missing CIMs are all for the hush-hush climber, eh?

I am so loving the electronics confugration on this robot

Did you notice all the ropes around the tower? That must be a belaying device for testing their climber.

Isnt that robot illegal? The backside by the double wheel isnt 8 inches long, therefore, the bumper that has to cover it doesnt meet the required length.

I have feeling that if they cover the perimeter of that short side with bumpers and extend them 8" beyond the two corners, they will be legal.

It will be completely legal.

The manual has long been updated to address this situation. I will refer you to read the bumper rules yourself, but in short, the 8" are measured along the frame perimeter, not necessarily on one side of the robot.

Sorry Ferret_Guy, that is only temporary and will be changed on the final bot.

Great looking robot guys! My only concern is that it looks like you CIMs are bending downwards. I’m not sure if you guys have this fixed yet, but if not It’s definitely something to look into.

They are. On this version, the inside supports were not welded, and we had used temporary gussets. The final bot (being welded tomorrow!) is going to have them welded, and thus, no tilt!

As for all of the questions, these will be addressed either a) When we get the robot done and reveal it in a new thread. b) If we do not get mostly done by ship, I will post in this thread so that all of your questions can be answered.