3397 Request for four 4 7/8” banebot wheels

Hello, team 3397 is in a bit of a predicament, if you could help us it would be greatly appreciated! The boulder shooting/launching mechanism we built uses four of the discontinued t80 4 7/8” Banebot wheels (which I now realize was a bad idea to use). We originally only had 2 replacements but during testing we broke the tread on one of them and now only have 1. We ran 4 of the wheels through the entire St. Louis regional without having to change any out. We believe that if we could damage one of these wheels while just testing, that the ones we currently have on our robot may not hold up much longer. If any teams competing at the Rocket City Regional in Huntsville Alabama next week could lend us 1-4 of these wheels it would greatly appreciated! (If any St. Louis teams could lend us out 1-4 of these wheels before Monday, March 21 it would help us out a lot)! Thanks, reply or PM me if you can help!