3397 Robolions present: El Fuego

I apologize for the oversized pixelated image

3397’s submission for the 2016 game, Stronghold!

(unofficial) reveal: https://youtu.be/zPPYV4YPXGo

3397 is very young this season with a multitude of freshmen, 6 sophomores, 3 juniors and only 1 senior. Regardless, we’ve grown and learned a lot in a short amount of time, we’d like to present our newest robot: El Fuego!

****launcher: **A 1x2 aluminum claw launcher powered by 2 Banebot 775 pros coupled directly to the 1/4" round shaft protruding from hex SS long wheel shafts. 1 6" stroke pneumatic bimba cylinder with a round 6" plate to thrust the ball into and through the orange Banebot (grip) flywheels of our launcher. Our shooter acts as an intake and shooter all in one.

A steel cable is attached to the back of our launcher’s piston mount and to a spool. Our launcher sits downward in the intake position until the spool winds up the cable which pulls the piston mount downward and raises the launcher up into a low or high goal shooting position. The launcher can be raised and lowered to different heights (not limited to any set positions). I apologize but I forget what motor we use on our spool mechanism.

1 encoder on each flywheel motor to give us shooter speeds. 1 encoder on our lifter axle to provide us with the angle of out shooter at all times. 2 cameras (one on our shooter with a green ring light for tower tracking and 1 for a driver view).

Andymark AM14u2 modified with 8" grey rubber tread wheels in the middle and back and 6" grey grip wheels in the front. A gap was left in the front by satisfying the required 8" of bumper on each side of the front of the chassis.

Thanks to our amazing electronics team for fitting our electronics in such a tight space!

we’re excited to be competing with you guys at
St. Louis week 2 and Rocket City week 4!