340's 2017robot

340’s 2017 robot

That gear mechanism is frighteningly effective :eek:

I am a huge fan of the robot. Effective ground gear intake and fast climb. I think you will find yourselves playing late into eliminations at all of your events.

Best of luck this season.


Great ground gear intake :slight_smile:

Awesome robot guys! Wish we were playing with you this year!

Great robot guys!

I’ve seen this robot run through practice matches, the ground pickup is unbelievably fast and effective.

Can’t wait to watch it compete.

This is very impressive. Like. Really impressive. I look forward to seeing you at FLR.

^5. :slight_smile:

Also, a shout out to the old school indestructible compressor.

Bold choice. I like that you were able to focus on a particular task and ignore the noise telling you you’re on the wrong path.

I don’t know what your cycle time is but assuming you score a gear in auto and run part way to the loading station in auto and given that you have a practice robot and that you pick up off the floor, I would not be surprised if you hung 8 more gears.

1 team hanging 9 gears (w/one in auto) and then reliably climbing the rope? THAT is a top tier robot, I don’t care what anyone says.

My FIRST-senses are tingling. I believe you’re going to be a King-maker. Even if balls end up mattering*, you’ll still be among the most desirable partners at any tournament.

Well done, GRR.

Dr. Joe J.

*which they won’t for 90% of teams imho. Sorry. Odd are you are not on a team that is in that 10%.

Love it.

Very nice gear intake!

It looks like you have a pretty low sideways CoF based on how much drifting you’re doing. Was that planned? How is your driver liking it? Any plans on switching the omni wheel in the front to another colson?

Love the gear intake, very slick!

love the simplicity, love the gear ground intake, love the active gear scoring. Lots to love about this robot :slight_smile:

Excellent gear intake, and I love the song choice. Overall, great reveal for a great robot.

This might be my favourite robot of this season.

Wow, what an outstanding looking robot (both aesthetically and performance-wise). I cannot wait to see it on full-field at FLR! Looking Forward to taking off with you :slight_smile:

Love that a top tier team decided to make a gear and climb only robot… Cheers for that.

I wish I would have had the courage to build a robot like this. Incredible job.

Thank you all so much for the feedback guys–it means a lot to both myself and my team

^1 Yeah thanks everyone