341 iPOD

Team 341……WOW…… thanks for awarding team 494 the iPod. Our students are all asking who is going to get it, everyone wants it. It will be a door prize to a team student at our banquet this year. Being part of teams 1396 success this year was very rewarding, they are a great group and fine examples of the F.I.R.S.T. can-do spirit.

:slight_smile: Pat:

On behalf of Team 341, it was our pleasure to give the i-Pod to such a deserving team. Your on-field and off-field performance this year really warranted this recognition. Our only regret is that we didn’t get to meet your team personally. At the time that we delivered the prize, both of our teams were still in the play-offs.

Congratulations and thank you for being such an amazing example for other teams. You are what Gracious Professionalism is all about.

For your reference below, are the stories from the backs of the i-Pod Postcards for the 3 prize winners.

Best of luck in the off-season!!!

Al Ostrow
Coach, Team 341

Thank a Team with an I-Pod Winners

1st : Team 494; Goodrich Martians; http://www.494martians.com/

1396’s crate was shipped to the wrong location, leaving them with no robot. Team 494 helped **team 1396 ** build a robot from scratch in six hours. 

2nd: Kris Erickson – Team 151; Wildcards; http://www.baesystemsfirst.org/

Kris spent numerous hours helping machine parts for our robot during the build season. He also gave us a custom drill transmission that his team made extra of. Despite some resentment from his team, Kris continued to help work with our team until the end. **Team 166 is grateful ** for his help. 

3rd: Team 1002; The Circuit Runners; http://www.circuitrunners.com/

The incredibly hard work of scouting, entering the data, and maintaining an awesome database was the key reason for our strategic success. This team was always helpful and generous with information. Thank you to team 1002. **(Anonymous)**

its nice to have contests and se people who appriciate it
thank you for taking the time to put a post up here to thank us
and the team as a whole.
you guys, and many other teams are what makes FIRST a wonderful program to participate in


congrats 494! our team also gave the card to 341 with your number on it, it saved our drive system every match after you gave us the hdpe. thanks and congrats! very cool idea 341!